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Direct Storage Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater Harvesting System

1.0       Description - Rainwater Harvesting System

The Direct Storage Style Rainwater Harvesting System shall be designed to collect rainwater in an outside storage tank (supplied by others). Water will be re-pressurized from the collection tank to the points of use by (2) sump pumps through the initial strainer filtration to the interior storage tank.  Water will then be recirculated in this tank for chlorination and disinfection.  The booster pump pack will then pump through bag filters and the water will be injected with dye. When not feeding the points of use, the recirculation pump will recirculate the interior storage tank to keep the water sanitized. The Rainwater Harvesting System shall be controlled via a common PLC driven control panel with touch screen operator interface.

2.0       EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION for Rainwater Harvesting System

  Quantity Description



Interior Water Storage Tank

  • 1000 gallon capacity
  • White polypropylene construction, thermally formed sidewalls and butt-welded construction with extrusion welded exterior and triple bead welded interior
  • Tank shall have the following welded fittings: rainwater inlet, vent, level control mount, city water inlet, recirculation return, pump suction flanges, and drain
  • Integrally welded cover with 24” access man-way
  • Non-metallic spray ball assembly on recirculation return line



Level Transmitter (1 for exterior tank and 1 for interior tank)

  • Continuous, non-contact level indication
  • 8”-26.2ft operating range
  • +/- 0.2% of span accuracy in air
  • 1 mm resolution
  • PVDF transducer material, NEMA 4X housing
  • 4-20mA two-wire output
  • Milltronics brand



Distribution Pump booster pack SyncroFlo booster pump pack TS43V73VFD rated to 70gpm @155 TDH for each pump.  Pack includes flow sensor and pressure transducers,  central control panel with VFD’s, hydropneumatic tank shipped loose, spare parts and all equipment mounted and wired, factory tested prior to shipment on one complete skid.



Dye Storage Tank

  • One-piece construction rotationally molded of linear medium or high-density polyethylene.
  • Finished surface of tank shall be free as commercially practicable from visual defect such as foreign inclusions, air bubbles, pinholes, craters, crazing and cracking that will impair the serviceability of the tank.
  • The tolerance of the outside diameter including out of roundness shall be +/- 3%.
  • Tank shall be 55 gallon capacity, vertical cylindrical construction with dimensions of 22” diameter x 36” tall.
  • Tank shall have 1/2” thick bolt down polypropylene cover and include factory mounting of metering pump
  • Include single point float level control for reagent low level alarm



Electronic Dye Metering Pump

  • Automatic control with analog input
  • Auto-Off-Manual switch
  • Built-in circuit protection against voltage and current upsets
  • Wetted parts: PVC, Ceramic, and Teflon
  • Supplied with multi-function discharge valve, suction strainer and injection check valve
  • Pulsatron model LPA2MA-VTC1



Flow Sensor for Dye Injection Control

  • Paddle Wheel Style Sensor
  • Flow Rate Range 1-20ft/s
  • Linearity of +/-1% of full range
  • Repeatability of +/-0.5% of full range
  • Signet model P51530P0



Bag Filter (2 units 100 micron, 2 units 50 micron)

  • T304SS construction, sized for #2 filter bag
  • Swing bolt lid closure
  • 130 gpm flow through capacity
  • One case of 100 micron and one case of 50 micron bag filters included
  • Shelco brand



55 gal. Dry powder make-up and metering chlorine injector with tank, mixer, controls for concentration make-up and metering pump.



Rosemouny free chlorine monitor with sensor, analyzer, flow contrl and continous pH injection. 



Plumbing and valves to be sch.80 PVC with Viton seals where applicable.  Asahi brand.



Hellan fluid strainer simplex 2” size with stainless steel 1/16” perforations strainers and carbon steel housing.



Central system control panel containing the following:

  • Three phase disconnect switch to automatically cut power to the panel for servicing.  Provided with lockout capabilities.
  • Motor protectors for recirculation pumps
  • Flow Transmitter
  • Siemens series programmable logic controller (PLC) to contain ladder logic to operate the entire system.
  • Siemens graphic display package including touch screen for each electric device in the system to indicate its operating status.
  • NEMA 4 electrical rating
  • UL panel labeling required
  • Adjustable alarm horn with silence button
  • All required controls and accessories for complete system operation



Rainwater Harvesting System components other than storage tank level transmitter, storage tank and booster pump pack to be factory mounted and plumbed on common epoxy coated carbon steel skid.



Electrical conduit shall be corrosion resistant PVC with PolyTuff flexible conduit as manufactured by Hubbell.



Rainwater Harvesting System manufacturer shall provide two days of site assistance to cover start-up and training.



Manufacturer shall include a Certificate of Insurance with their submittal approving that they are insured as a supplier and manufacturer of such systems.



System Maintenance
The Rainwater Harvesting System Manufacturer shall be capable of providing a maintenance agreement with the system owner should the owner wish to enter into such an agreement.

Other Sample Systems

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